Alert threshold: Alerts with a time duration of 24 hours

In NewRelic Alerts, NRQL is limited based on the threshold value and the greatest threshold value supported by New Relic is 120 minutes( 2 hours). We wish to set alerts for a duration of 24 hours or even for custom time(say, 6.00-11:00 am) since the jobs run only once a day.

Use case:

I have a metric called “events received” and I wish to check that the value for this metric is over 1000 in 24 hours. If it is less than 1000 , I need to trigger an alert for the same. However, because of the 2 hour limit I am unable to do so.

A workaround I was considering was to check the value for a specific time period, say between 6:00 am and 11:00 am , the value should be around 100 and more and if it less, an alert should be triggered.

The query that I used but do not get the expected results.

SELECT * from Metric where metricName = '' and EventType = 'WorkerChanged' and hourOf(timestamp) >= '6:00' and hourOf(timestamp) <= '11:00' SINCE 1 day ago

Moreover, as I will be using NRQL in alerts , I will not be able to use ‘SINCE’ to set a time range.

I’ve also reviewed New Relic Help Center and there’s requests to extend the Alert threshold beyond 2 hours. Unfortunately, I’m finding this was requested way back in 2015 and New Relic hasn’t addressed it yet.

does anyone have any ideas on how to circumvent this New Relic limitation?

Responded wit this on the other topic thread…

@Saumya.Dureja Definitely interested in hearing from community members. Wondering though if this recent release may offer you the answer you need: Announcing: New Relic One Streaming Alerts for NRQL conditions Specifically the information around Loss of Signal Detection?

Loss Of Signal Detection
The NR One Streaming Alerts Platform now provides official support for Loss of Signal Detection. While there are workarounds to achieve this in the current platform, they are inconsistent, and the shift to an event based streaming algorithm disables that workaround. With configurable Loss of Signal Detection, on any NRQL Alert Condition, you simply specify how many seconds we should wait from the time we saw the last data point before we consider that signal to be lost. Once that time expires, you can choose to be notified of the Loss of Signal, or you can simply close any open violations if you expect the entity or signal to go away.

@JoiConverse Thank you for sharing this. While this is extremely useful for setting alerts in a scenario where one needs to check if their job ran or not or if data was received or not.
Is there any way I can check that a specific number/threshold was reached in the past 24 hours. eg. in my case, if the number was greater than 1000 in 24 hours. or if the number was greater than 100 between 6 am and 11 am.

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Hello, @Saumya.Dureja: The only workaround I know of is the one described in this post:

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