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Announcing: Faster time to resolution with Distributed tracing anomaly detection



Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently released a new set of Distributed Tracing capabilities to focus on anomalous spans that are the source of latency in a trace. Slow performing spans within a trace are automatically surfaced to you for faster time to resolution, powered with New Relic Applied Intelligence.

Additional improvements in this release, include:

  • Trace Grouping: the ability to more easily find traces by grouping them by root service or root service entry point
  • Condensed Traces Views: quickly understand the flow of the call with a condensed trace view,
  • Deployment Markers: Understand what deployments have been made to dependent systems in your trace data

With these new capabilities, DevOps teams can move more quickly from problem notification to resolution, even for more complex microservice architectures. You can see all the details in our blog post. Thanks for being a New Relic customer! We appreciate your feedback and support.

Victor Soares

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