apdexPerfZone updates on .NET Agent


I’ve just red the Relic Solution: Using Insights to create the Ultimate SLA report discussion regarding the “apdexPerfZone” and it says there that .NET is not yet supported. Are there any updates on this to add a support on the “apdexPerfZone” for .NET Agent?

Thank you.


Hello there @Edwin.Vasquez - Good news! We do now have a Transaction even attribute in the .NET agent called nr.apdexPerfZone. Let me know if you have trouble finding that - and good luck creating the ultimate SLA report!

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Still not seeing it when I ran the NRQL below in one of my app names :frowning_face: :

SELECT keyset() FROM Transaction WHERE appName = [My App Name]

Is there any steps that I’ve missed? TIA!

Hi, @Edwin.Vasquez: Which version of the .NET agent are you running?

Hello @philweber - It’s “.NET 4.6.2”. Thanks!

Hello @hross - Just did a quick query and verified it is working!

With this, I think I am good! :slight_smile:


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Excellent! So glad you got what you needed.