APM application does not show up in new relic browser

I have an APM application.
On the new relic browser window, using the “+add more” button added the APM deployed application via “Enable via New Relic APM”. Found the app. I got the message as “Success, proceed to step 2”.
But on the browser application list, the application does not show up.

How to add the application to browser?

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Hi @vidya.mane: I recall having to go to the Browser view and clicking an Activate for the application but I haven’t done this in a couple of months.

If you paste a permalink to your page then someone from support will be able to assist.

Hi @stefan_garnham and @vidya.mane

As i have the same problem as @vidya.mane should i refer to support? For the history i have : enabled the broswer monitoring from newrelic.yml to true. Should i manually edit the html files in order for the instrumentation to start? Tomcat is my app server. Should i recompile the application whilst tomcat is running? Perhaps some help fromt he NR engineers please? :slight_smile:

Any guidance please?


@metalidis07: Have you injected the script for the Browser or are you running an APM agent?

Hey @metalidis07

Our Java agent will only provide automatic injection of the browser script in cases where:

  • The HTML is formed without error (Must contain <head></head> and <body></body> tags)

  • The pages MUST be JSPs compiled with the Apache Jasper compiler

If these two criteria are not met, then manual instrumentation will need to be leveraged to utilize our Browser monitoring service.

To elaborate, our page load timing is simply a JavaScript script that can be injected into any properly formatted web page to monitor the end user’s experience, regardless if that page is a JSP or not. However, it’s a limitation of the agent’s auto-injection that it doesn’t know the shape of anything else and thus, to avoid injecting the script in the wrong place, it can only automatically inject the script into JSPs compiled with Jasper.

For this reason, to monitor anything that isn’t a JSP compiled with Jasper, it will be necessary to place the Browser API calls manually in your page’s source via manual instrumentation.

Please use Manual Instrumentation as appropriate for your platform and rendering and let us know if you have any other concerns or questions.


Does the “[automatic injection of the browser script]” apply to jira app?

My application is jira app, the HTML is formed without error and the pages JSP is compiled with the Apache Jasper compiler, however, the JavaScript script is not able to be injected to the web page so it causes the issue with browser app couldn’t collect data.

Here’s the permalink - https://rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/2613522/browser

Can you please advise?


Hi @Wei.Wang-non-empl ,

I had a quick look at you permalink, it is pointing to Browser UI, can you confirm that we should be looking at this application, link below:

The link provided in the post above does not have Jira in supported list:

I run across on this topic in the Atlassian community, maybe you will find it helpful:

Hi @mtupek,

Thanks for looking into it.

  • Yes, this is the application we are looking at. The apm agent is reporting and there’s web transaction showing up too, however, no data reported in Browser app.


Hi @mtupek,

It seems like New Relic doesn’t support atlassian product such as jira or wiki regarding Browser app.
Can you confirm that?


Hello Wei Wang,

It looks like you have an open ticket #411609 which discusses the same topic. I’d like to add this question was answered here: