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APM CPU Usage increases 15-30% on ec2s vs non apm ec2


We have the New-Relic Php APM agent running on our AWS_Ec2 instances.

However the instance running APM has a 15-30% higher CPU usage on average than any other host in the system not running apm.

We only run APM on a single instance, (1 / 10) and it shows from graphs that the CPU is taxed more on the instance with APM, and this is actually causing auto scaling issues for us.

Are there recommended actions we can take to improve the performance of new-relics APM?

Would this be an area for custom tracing to be enabled instead of tracing everything? Is this level of slow down expected on an EC2 host?


Debian 8 / c5.xlarge instances / php 7.2 / nginx


Hi, @zdixon: You may find this thread helpful: