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APM issues with AMI Linux 2018.3


Hello there, are there any known issues with APM PHP agent running on AMI Linux 2018.3 machines? I have two application-redundant machines, the one running AMI Linux 2017.3 works just fine, but the other does not show any data; seems like there are no connection when the default socket is set, looks like the same issue using UDS sockets.

Thanks in advance for any light on the subject!


Hello @suporte4!

I haven’t heard of any issues specific to AMI Linux 2018.3.

I was wondering if you tried using an abstract socket.

To do this, edit your newrelic.ini and change the following:

;newrelic.daemon.port = "/tmp/.newrelic.sock"

To this:

newrelic.daemon.port = "@newrelic-daemon"

After making the change, kill any newrelic-daemon processes that are running and restart the PHP handler to pick up the change. More details:

Let me know if that doesn’t help.