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APM metrics not linked in Infrastructure tab


I have New Relic deployed into a GKE k8s cluster, set up by following the instructions here.

I see Infrastructure metrics show up fine for all nodes in the cluster, and APM metrics for a number of services that are deployed into the namespace labeled to enable metadata injection.

However, there are a number of pods for which I do not see a link to the APM metrics in the Infrastructure tab. The services for which the links are missing do show up in the APM tab.

The “Health map” view also shows that some pods are enabled (green boxes in “enabled hosts”), but others have the message “Install the Infrastructure agent to see hosts here”. For some of these, I see metrics, along with the message:


Looking inside the pods that are missing in the Infrastructure tab, I see that the metadata injector is functioning correctly, and I see the environment variables after running env in the container.

Thoughts on how I might link up the pods from the Infrastructure tab back to the APM tab?


Hello Nick,

Thank you for reaching out.

To better assist you with this issue, could you please provide permalinks/URL to the issues your are seeing? Don’t worry, only New Relic employees and users with the proper access will have visibility into a permalink included. Screenshots of what and where you are expecting pods to show up would also be helpful.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing such information on a public forum, we can definitely pull in your post into a ticket.