APM UI Troubleshooting Framework

In many cases, an issue observed in the User Interface (UI) could be the result of an issue in data or an issue in the reporting created by the UI, or the browser. The first steps will be determining whether the issue is in data or the UI. Before digging too deep into data, it is good to rule out a few common UI related details. If an error is being reported in the UI, then more than likely a support ticket will be needed. The troubleshooting steps below will guide you through the best course of action.

  1. For General UI Usage questions, please view the documentation here.

  2. Does the page, dashboard, or chart in question behave the same for all users, or is it just a single to a few users?

    1. Confirm no problematic plugins/browser extensions, etc.

    2. Confirm user account settings.

    3. Attempt to view via incognito/private browsing

    4. Clear browser cookies if incognito resolves the issue.

  3. Check the difference between “Show new view” and the Old View.

    • If the new view is correct, please use the new view for the page.
  4. Is the Browser in use supported?

    1. Switch to a supported browser
    2. If it is supported, test with an alternative if possible, and reachout out to New Relic Support and let them know you are having issues with a supported browser.
  5. Does the UI not load at all or not seeing some or all data?

  6. If you suspect the data being presented is incorrect, validate what you’re seeing by querying the data directly with NRQL

    1. You can use the “View Query” option on many charts to get started.

    2. In many cases, this investigation will lead you to a data issue.

  7. When encountering Errors in the UI, it is helpful to collect any information possible in the form of Screen Capture of the Error and copy/paste any available text or error messages for reporting.

  8. In some cases it is difficult to reproduce an error on a page. If you see intermittent errors, capture a .har file of the error to provide when reporting the issue to New Relic Support.