Application console show error

My app installed new relics and the browser console show the API error. The error is coming from newrelic API call. Please refer the screenshot. Can someone help to solve this console error?

I setup Browser in my new relic account and my UI server installed new relic.
When browse my application and found there is an error in browser console coming from new relic. How can I find out what cause the error?

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)
Here is the screenshot.

@davidt3 Thanks for the post and I’m going to create a ticket for this so we can continue to investigate and resolve.

To summarize, this is an issue that has been identified by engineering regarding a limit length of the URL. I do not currently have a timeline as to when a fix will be implemented, though there is a workaround to move your account over to the legacy Browser endpoint, which should resolve these errors.

Please be on the lookout for communication in a ticket. Thank you for your patience!

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