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Application seen as external services and not as "application"



In my Kubernetes cluster, I have several java applications each running in their own pod and instrumented by the NR java agent. Each application has a app_name defined in their newrelic.yml config file, and are properly listed in APM.
Inside the cluster, these applications communicates between each other via http using internal hostnames.

My problem is the following. Assuming I have 2 applications, app-1 and app-2, and app-1 connects to app-2 via its internal hostname (ex “http://app-2-prod”), then when looking at the Service Map of app-1, the relationship to app-2 is described as an External Service and not as a dependency on the app-2 NR “entity”. This can also be seen in the “External Services” screen of app-1, which does not link to app-2.

Are there any configuration I need to do so that NR recognizes that the connection to “http://app-2-prod” is actually a connection to the application app-2 of my APM ?



Hi, @patrick.ruzand: You might try the troubleshooting steps here, if you have not already done so.