AWS Lambda Monitoring - violation persists after condition no longer true

I’m trying to setup an alert for AWS Lambda

I’ve chosen the condition Provider - errors - maximum has value above 0 at least once in 15 minutes as per the screenshot below

When error occured at 5:15pm, the incident was correctly created. However, even after 30 minutes of no-error, the incident has not been closed automatically and it persists. This is problematic because while that incident is opened, any new lambda errors go unnoticed (despite having selected Incident preference by condition and signal as per the screenshot below.

What I would expect is

  1. the incident closes when there hasn’t been error for longer than 15 minutes
  2. if new error arises in the meantime, new incident gets created.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello @subscriptions1

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I understand your alerts are persisting even after incident has been resolved. I will reach out to our lambda experts to offer some further insight thank you!

Hi @subscriptions1,

Based on your description it seems that the alert did not autoclose when the opposite of alert condition was met, with no errors for 15 minutes.
This is because we do not receive any error value is not ) but null, hence you should use Loss of signal feature to close this violation. This feature will recognize that value received is null and it will take proper action (in your case close the violation).

Please find more details in this document and article, links below:

I hope this will help you. Let us know if you have additional questions.