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Aws newrelic-log-ingestion function "Review your license key"



I setup the log ingestion function using the standard template provided on aws and all I see in the logs of the function is this:
403: Forbidden. Review your license key

I have the correct license key but only have a free account at the moment. I only setup the account yesterday so it should still be in the trial period.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong? Chances are I’ve missed something but it’s hard to tell.



HI @ben.moran,

Looking at your account, I see that you don’t have an Infrastructure trial enabled. That would be required to use the AWS integrations.


Hi @peraut,

Thanks for having a look.

I’ve checked out the infrastructure page and I’m not sure if it aligns with the way the lambda functions are setup. From what I can see, when I click on the “Start my 30 day free trial” button I’m provided with installation instructions for Linux and Windows agents. This would be fine if I had a dedicated ec2 instance but I’ve opted to use new relics log ingestion function which you’ll find here:

So now I’m a little confused. On the one hand I need to start the trial period establish the connection between new relic and aws. And on the other hand, to establish the connection I need to have started the trial period (which is when I’m asked to review my license key).




Hello @ben.moran,

Thanks for the link. This product is used in conjunction with our AWS integrations (RDS Enhanced) I believe.

Create a new AWS Lambda function: Select Lambda > Functions > AWS Serverless Application Repository and use the application called NewRelic-log-ingestion .

AWS integrations do require an active trial or Infra Pro subscription.


Hey @peraut,

Is there any way to activate the infra trial on my account then please?

As mentioned before, when I click on the “Start my 30 day free trial” button, I’m just taken to this page which doesn’t seem to have anything for manual activation:


Hello @ben.moran,

A trial first starts when a host starts reporting to New Relic. You can use a VM or a free tier AWS ec2 host for this purpose.


Hi @peraut,

All sorted now. I did what you suggested and provisioned a temporary EC2 instance to initialize the account. Now the aws integrations with lambda etc are working correctly.

Thanks for you help!


Great! Thanks for confirming you’re all sorted here :smiley: Feel free to mark any of Paul’s replies that helped as the solution on this thread by hitting the little checkmark under each message.