AWS SSL certificate won't pass SSL checks in APM ping

Lately we switched to the new SSL certificates issued by Amazon ( The problem we see is that when the Validate SSL certificate option is checked the APM ping functionality reports errors (Unable to ping

As far as I’m concerned the AWS certificates are valid and accepted by the all major browsers.
Is that something you’re aware of?

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We upgraded our Pinger due to security vulnerabilities in Oracle JDK. If you would like to know the specifications for the new platform, a list of supported SSL algorithms can be found here:

I would like to encourage you to upgrade your SSL stack. This will resolve current issue you are experiencing.

Please accept my apologies. My last reply was incorrect as it is related with more recent thing. Your post was before this, so my best guess is described in this doc
but to be sure, we would need a link to your web site.

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Thanks, for the reply. As you mentioned in the reply before you’ve upgraded your Pinger and this fixed the issue. The ping are working correctly now.