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Azure Web App timeouts when .NET Agent is enabled



we have Azure Web App (ASP.NET MVC 5) which works on .net 4.7.2
App service works on 64-bit platform. We have installed NewRelic.Azure.WebSites.x64 (8.12.216)

Application Insights key is removed from azure app settings.
Azure app settings are same as in instruction

New relic agent starts correctly (logs look fine), app is visible in new relic portal.

When Always On is set to OFF the application still returns:

When Always On is SET to ON it returns: HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.



Hi @Damian.Rykowski

Which how did you deploy your application? did you use nuget or did you do it manually?

503 and 500 errors are typically internal server errors, is there any thing reporting in the Azure Activity Log?

You mentioned that the application works on the 64bit platform, what platform was the app built for 32 or 64bit?

I hope this is a good place to start.


we use Jenkins and MSbuild 15 to build application and azureWebAppPublish plugin for jenkins to publish.
Application is built for Any CPU

Activity Logs look fine.
When app has Always On enabled Diagnostics logs retun:

with Always On set to Off that is empty.


Thank you for updating me on this

And what about the Azure Activity Log? does it have any discrepancies?



Nothing special:


Hi @Damian.Rykowski,

Looks like there’s nothing wrong with your NR implementation, could you try troubleshooting the Azure 500s from a non NR perspective and see if that helps:

Have you tried to deploy this application without NewRelic.?


Hi @Nemo,

an app works fine when NR is disabled. I’m trying to debug an issue using Dignostics Logs, but with no luck.

At in .NET Framework version section, there is only .NET Framework 4.6, our app works under 4.7.2. Could this be a cause of this issue?


The .net version should not be an issue, 4.7.2 is supported by our agent.

I have made your post into a support ticket, so we can do some more detailed troubleshooting…


Just closing the loop on this one,

I think I found an issue. When I removed configuration builders execution from Web.config, the app started and .net agent is collecting data.

We’re using only Azure Key Vault Config Builder.

Support have logged a bug for this.