Browser Troubleshooting Framework Install

Once you’ve installed the Browser agent, you should see data reporting within a few minutes. If you’re having trouble, these are the steps that our support teams take to troubleshoot, and we hope they will help you find and resolve the issue quickly.

  1. On a successful installation of New Relic Browser agent, the data should start showing up in the Browser Overview UI after a few minutes of activity.
  2. If no data is reporting, check if the Browser snippet is loading on the webpages.
  3. Open your application in a Browser and open the developer tools console. For example, on Chrome web browser, open Developer tools (Right click-> Inspect)
  4. Now open Console and enter

If the Browser script is running successfully on this page it results like below.

If not, it throws the below error which means the Browser agent is not installed correctly.

  1. If you got an error, to troubleshoot check the method of installation that was used and follow the relevant section below.

Copy/paste method,

  1. Make sure the code from the app’s ‘Application settings’ page is copied just as it is without any changes.
  2. It needs to be pasted exactly inside, segment before any other Javascripts and after any tags. Screenshot below.
  3. Once this is pasted correctly, make sure the code is saved and web pages reflect these changes.
  4. Clear out any cached content from the web browser if you are not seeing the changes.

Via APM agent (auto-injection method),

  1. APM agent logs should show something in the logs like a successful injection of browser or why it failed to inject browser.
  2. Check your new relic configuration file or .yml file for browser_monitoring.
  3. auto_instrument should be enabled and value set to true or 1 instead of false or 0.
  4. By default, this is enabled when an APM agent is installed.
  5. If this has been enabled recently, make sure the app and related servers are restarted for these changes to take place.
  6. From the Application settings page in the NR Browser UI, check if the Browser monitoring is enabled to Lite, Pro or Pro+SPA. Setting this to ‘Off’ means APM agent doesn’t inject the Browser script onto the web pages

  1. For specific instructions depending on your agent, please refer to below links.

Additional Checks

  1. Make sure your browser is not using any Adblock software which is blocking the Browser script from being injected.

  2. In addition to the IP addresses for APM agents, New Relic Browser applications use outgoing connections to the following domains. Your application should be able to access these endpoints for uploading the data to New Relic servers.

Browser end points:

For US region accounts:

For EU region accounts:

  1. If you are still unable to resolve the issue please reach out to New Relic Global Technical Support by going to Please be sure to mention, in as much detail as possible, the steps you have tried already and details of what you expect to see and what you are seeing.