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Bug report - Chrome not showing 'Add User' submit button on admin page



Tried to add a user, can access all the admin panels and add the user and see the checkboxes and inputs, type everything in, but there is no submit button. I removed the ‘display’ style of ‘flex’ on the ‘CommandBar’ classed element and was able to see it, and use it to successfully create a user (indicating it was not a permissions issue). Screenshots attached.

Eric Halvorsen


Hi @eric.halvorsen,

Oh! Thanks for letting us know about this and a big thanks for the screenshots that show this issue. In order for me to create an official bug report, I’ll need to create a support ticket. Let me do so and attach the bug report to that.

Thanks again for letting us know about this!


No Problem! Happy to help. Really no need to keep me updated as I described I was personally able to work around using custom styles.

Best of luck!