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Building Docker image with New Relic Java agent automatically



I’m in the process of writing a base Docker image for our Java developers to use.

However, I can’t seem to find a place to find the Java agent installer/zip outside of the “log into your account, and click on the thing to download” instructions. Is there really no CDN for this? If not, why not?


Nevermind, found one:


Hi, @protoben: You may also download it via your New Relic account:{account-id}/download_agent?lang=java. That will always give you the latest version of the agent.


Sure, but that can’t be done without being logged in to the web UI. That part can’t be scripted without having a headless browser running.


Ah, good point, sorry.


@protoben: :slight_smile:


Nice find! I’ll switch from using