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Calculating Seconds with Timestamps Broken?


I’ve read extensively were it was possible to calculate durations in seconds using (max(timestamp)-min(timestamp)/1000/60)

I am using this in NR1 and the result displayed is a Date format. I assume if I change the format using the data formatter, it will be changed for everyone. How do I change the timestamp to a numeric format so I can do math with it?


@philweber is this problem isolate to NR1? I’m curious why the move to NR1 forum and not NRQL? I get the same behavior in Insights.


Sorry, @reopelle.scott, I have used that technique successfully in the past, so I assumed that the problem was specific to New Relic One. But you are correct that Insights also formats the result as a date; apparently the behavior has changed. I have moved your post back to its original topic. Thanks!


Fell on an interesting scenario… The “Date” issue occurs if I format my NRQL like this:

It works if formatted like this:
filter((max(timestamp) - min(timestamp)) / 1000


Your first example is missing a parenthesis. Do you mean:


? Oh, actually they are both missing a paren. :slight_smile: