Can New Relic One SDK be used outside of New Relic environment?

I have an application built on New Relic’s SDK and it is hosted on New Relic’s platform as well. It works pefectly well.

I need to make one another app, which will be hosted outside the New Relic’s environment. Can I reuse New Relic’s SDK (for example, visualization tools etc. ) outside of New Relic’s environemnt?

@rajat.agrawal1 Sorry you’ve been waiting awhile for a response. This isn’t a category that is monitored by our support team. Seeing if @dgolden can help :slight_smile:

Hi Rajat! The New Relic One SDK is pretty deeply integrated into the rest of the New Relic One platform and at this time it’s not possible to use the SDK outside of the New Relic environment. Glad you had a good experience with the app you built on our platform!

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