Can't remove not reporting APM


I’m trying to remove not reporting APM app, but get an error:
curl -X DELETE ‘’ \

-H ‘X-Api-Key:{my-api-key}’ -i

HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict
Status: 409 Conflict
{“error”:{“title”:“Cannot delete an application that has reported data within the past 12 hours”}}

But I’m sure that the app is not reporting more than the past 12 hours, the app is grey and via api returns the status “reporting”:false

The list endpoint:
curl -X GET ‘’ \

 -H 'X-Api-Key:{my-api-key} -i 

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
“application_instances”:[ ],
“servers”:[ ],


Hi @darya1, welcome to the Explorers Hub. I would suggest reading through this Level Up post to see if this helps as it is quite relevant!

Relic Solution: Deleting Applications in New Relic One Level Up Relic Solutions

Currently there is no ‘Delete App’ button in the New Relic One UI. This is coming, but until then, below is some information that may help you! Note: This post is sharing the same information found on our docs site here: APM APM apps can be deleted via the API, but first they must have stopped reporting to New Relic for long enough for their UI colour code status to turn Grey (where previously green / …

Thanks for answering, but unfortunately, this are not relevant.

The app is grey and not reporting to the NR, I see at in the New Relic UI and also get this information by REST API (see the description) and still I can’t delete an app

Thanks for clarifying, @darya1. Could you provide the permalink for your application? only New Relic employees will have visibility over this.