Channel Provisioning via Terraform

resource “newrelic_alert_channel” “channel-name” {
name = “Test Channel”
type = “slack”

config {
url = “my web hook url from Slack”
channel = “some-slack-channel”

It succeeds in TF 14.6: Creation complete after 1s [id=4766302]

But the channel is definitely not in the list of channels in the UI and I cannot assign it to an alert policy. The ID returned: 4766302 seems to not exist in anyway.

But I can also import the channel back into my state via the id: 4766302
Anyone able to create/provision a channel from TF? What am I missing?

Hello @suki.chima would you mind reporting this in our github project and providing as much detail as possible so we can help troubleshoot? Our issue template will guide you through the information we need. - Thank you

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