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Client timeout exceeded while awaiting headers


Hi All,

I got below error, I am using go v1.10.4 linux/amd64.

troubleshooting with ./nrdiag saya “No Issues Found”

I am not behind any firewall or whatsoever. New Relic in java server (same network segment) that we have runs fine.

(28422) 2019/07/29 18:08:50.058559 {"level":"warn","msg":"application connect failure","context":{"error":"Post\u0026marshal_format=json\u0026method=connect\u0026protocol_version=17: net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)"}}


Hi @bondhan - I see that you have a Support ticket open right now on this issue with our support engineers.

Please update us here in the community when you can get to a resolution for that ticket :smiley:


Same error here. Please update when resolved. Currently NR is not usable via Go Agent.


@t.kivisik - An EU account requires use of the GO agent 2.0 or above and the above error message can occur when using an earlier version of the go agent with an EU datacenter based account. You can find more information on minimum agent versions for use with our EU datacenter here.


Thank you for the reply. I’m using NewRelic v2.9.0, so there must be some other issue.


@t.kivisik - The client timeout error message is a pretty generic network connectivity timeout error message. Have you tested network connectivity with the nrdiag test utility or confirmed you’ve whitelisted the appropriate IP addresses per our networks doc?

If you’ve confirmed all that is working perhaps you can post a snippet of your logs since it does not appear to be the same issue as the original poster.


@t.kivisik - Thank you for your patience! After further investigation we were able to narrow down the root cause to an issue with one of our backend services. This has been remedied, and you should now be able to connect to the datacenter. Please let us know if you continue to see the same issue so we can look further into this!


Thanks @sdelight and @acosta , it seems to be working now.


Excellent - thanks for confirming :smiley: