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Cluster Explorer showing Evicted/Completed Pods



I have noticed that the cluster explorer (pod count, node pod count, and the visual) is showing pods that are not running anymore such as evicted and completed pods. This was making me think more pods were running on a node or cluster than actually was. I would expect evicted pods to not show anymore or not as the white color and not be included in the count since it isn’t running. I would also expect the completed pods to show as green or not at all and not be included in the count since it isn’t running.


Hi @Mitchell.Maler would you be able to provide a link to the dashboard you’re looking at? That will help me to see what you’re seeing so that I can clarify what is being shown.


Here is a link to a node that has two “completed” pods. The pod count says 17 but really there are only 15 running on that node. I don’t have an example of evicted pods but it is the same with those as well.

Dashboard Link


Hi @Mitchell.Maler,

Looking in Insights, they appear to match up with whats shown in the cluster explorer: 16 pods, 19 containers. Of these pods, can you let me know which one is evicted or not supposed to be there?




We have the same ‘problem’ here

We have cronjobs and the history is kept as Succeeded (Completed). But we would like to have a view of the live cluster (Running and Error)

I know it says it is showing all, but could a filter be added as a new feature?

  • The RUNNING section includes pods with succeeded, failed, and unavailable statuses.


Hey @janario.oliveira! Let me tag this post as a feature idea, for our mods to come back and make this vote-able!