component=remote msg="Error sending samples to remote storage" count=100 err="context deadline exceeded


I am trying to set up Prometheus remote write integration to the new relic.

I have changed the yml file to include :

When I restart the Prometheus server I get the log :
component=remote msg=“Error sending samples to remote storage” count=100 err=“context deadline exceeded”

until the server dies

Do I need to add a limit to the yml file?

Does anyone know any help?

Thank you

Hi, @dcbate: Have you tried the other syntax?

  - url:

Hello @philweber
Yes, I get the same error.
I have also tried with different
combinations to no joy

OK, sorry. I am not able to reproduce your error, but my account is in the U.S. region. Hopefully a support engineer will be along soon to help you troubleshoot.