Configuring Alerts and conditions for Lambda Function Concurrent Executions

I am currently finding difficulty for creating alert conditions for my lambda function metrics.
Currently, we have a requirement to monitor the concurrent executions. We need to set an alert in case the concurrency of Lambda (reserved) using 100% and alert in case the concurrency of lambda(reserved) using 5% .

currently we are doing manually by taking the existing concurrent values and creating the alert conditions by giving the threshold values as per the requirement.

But, if we change the concurrent values in future then again we have to change the threshold values in the alert conditions as per the new concurrent value in the same associated lambda function.

Is there any way that we can create a condition in such a way that even though we change the reserved concurrency value, the alert conditions will automatically mould itself with respect to the changed concurrency value in the lambda function.

Hi @uday.bhaskar!

It looks like the AWS Lambda Integration has come metrics related to Lambda concurrency as documented below:

AWS integrations metrics

The following metrics are listed:

  • aws.connect.CallsBreachingConcurrencyQuota
  • aws.connect.ConcurrentCalls

You may be able to use these through an Infrastructure Alert Condition or a NRQL Alert Condition depending on your use case. NRQL alert conditions offer you a little more control and flexibility but come with more moving parts to configure in order to behave correctly as defined in the following community post:

Announcing: New Relic One Streaming Alerts for NRQL conditions