Configuring Signal Loss Alerts at Irregular Intervals

Hello all, I am new to NR, and trying to configure NR to trigger lost signal violation incidences when certain conditions are met. I am using NRQL to query logs generated at irregular intervals. Most of the logs occur once daily at fixed times, with these I have no challenge using Signal Loss (set to 25 or more hrs) to listen for and trigger missing logs.

However, my challenge is, I have some unique logs which occur less frequently:

  1. once a month, on specific day of each month,
  2. once a day, on only two specific days of each month,
  3. once a day, on weekdays only, and
  4. once a day, on only the first 7 days of each month

Is there a chance/way I can use only configuration and NRQL to tackle this? The maximum signal loss window is 48 hours, so it doesn’t help in any of these cases. Any hints would be most appreciated. Thanks!

I think I found a way to do this using Muting Rules to silence the false positive notification alerts in the days when the logs are not expected.