Custom event attributes not selectable in chart builder

I have a few different custom event types I’ve added and tested out using a test run from over the weekend.

During the weekend, I was able to use the New Relic One chart builder to put together a chart that uses this query:

SELECT count(*) FROM publishing_completed TIMESERIES FACET `sourceFormats` LIMIT 10 SINCE 86400 seconds ago EXTRAPOLATE

However, when I try to use the chart builder today to reconstruct the exact same chart for the same app, it does not make any of the event attributes accessible, so for example I can’t specify the same facet - the result is an empty chart. If I then switch to the NRQL view and paste in the above query, I get back the same chart. So, it seems to be something unique to the chart builder and not the ability to query the underlying data.

Does the chart builder require, for example, all of the attribute names for a given event type to be the same over time in order to present the list of possible attributes? Since the weekend run, for example, I have changed some attribute names and added new attributes. Would that affect the behavior of the chart builder?

Hi @jamartin -

My understanding is that the chart builder (in basic mode) will show attributes that have reported within the time period you have selected.

Similarly if you are building a query with the Advanced mode enabled, I believe the auto-completer is looking at attributes that have reported in the past 60 minutes.

All attributes will be queryable, they may just not show up in the auto-completer if it’s been a while since they reported.

You can always check what attributes are available for an event type by running:


Plugging in publishing_completed and SINCE 1 WEEK AGO will show you all attributes reporting to that event for the past week.

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In basic mode, I can’t get the auto-completer to list any attributes after a certain period of time has passed, regardless of the time window I choose. Below is an example where I have an explicit time period selected in which the events were recorded, but the auto-complete only lists *. In basic mode, I can’t chart the attributes unless they show up in the auto-complete list.

I know the attribute names, but I just can’t produce the chart in basic mode unless the events were reported recently enough.

Interesting! That is anomalous for sure, I’m going to send you a DM with something I’d like to try, and, if that doesn’t help, we’ll get you into a support ticket where are support engineers can better connect with the engineering teams to investigate.

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