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Custom Instrumentation Alert - Wlidcard Name



We have a custom instrumentation built that I am able to find in the metrics for Alerting. However, the name to build an alert needs to be based on a wildcard value. The name the engineers used has TextHostnameText. So, The hostname is specific to each node and I need to be able to build it for ‘all’ instances, like Text%Text. And, I need to report on each separate instance individually.


Hello @tim.davis, You could use NRQL alert conditions with a query as :

WHERE hostname like 'Text%Text'

You can find more information on this, here:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


The problem is it isn’t the hostname. The actual java Instrument/Counter name is variable with the hostname. And, I can’t even figure out how to query instrumented counters


Here is the ‘example’ IP provided for this specific counter that I can’t even figure out how to query in any way.

PlatformServices - Instrument/Counter/storage/


Hi @tim.davis - If this is a custom event, you should be able to formulate a NRQL query in order to find commonality in the variable. The metric explorer might be helpful for this.

Metric explorer: Search and chart metrics sent by New Relic agents


I was able to find it for a single specific version of teh avgLatency. I am trying to figure out how to use NRQL for that same item, so I can then wild card it.