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Custom SLA report for Synthetics



The data captured under “SLA Report” in Synthetics is for all the monitors. However, we would like to customize this for a specific user action(s) in synthetic script. The community post Relic Solution: Using Insights to create the Ultimate SLA report was referred to build a custom SLA report in insights. Please refer to the dashboard at

This dashboard was created for two critical business transactions - login & open book. With this context, can you please let me know/provide inputs how to handle the below requirements in the existing dashboard?

  1. How to calculate Apdex score based on the “Back to Sale” column value?
  2. How to calculate errors for this particular business transaction? My understanding is the current query refers to errors for the whole monitoring script.
  3. How to use the color coding ? Ex: Green for Satisified, Amber for Tolerating and Red for frustrating.
  4. As there is a limitation in data retention of insights, how to automate the pdf report generation of this dashboard and email it on a weekly basis?
  5. How is the weekly and monthly “SLA report” under Synthetics section generated, as the data retention for insights is very less?


Hi @VithalKumar.Akunuri1, i’d be happy to give some context on your questions:

  • You should be able to apply the apdex() function to the custom.back2sale_login attribute, you are currently performing similar functionality on other attributes, is this what you are looking for?

  • Yes, the % Errors column is currently calculating how many monitors are failing, they will only return an error if the overall monitor fails. Are you looking to calculate the % of script failures that happen at this particular step, or the number of javascript errors generated during this step?

  • Color Coding is not currently possible in Dashboards, however you could achieve this with a custom app built in New Relic One

  • It’s not currently possible to generate the Synthetics report or a Dashboard and email it, though this would be a great idea for a Feature Idea

  • The SLA data is more of a count of values performed every week rather than being dynamically queried from Insights every time it’s accessed, however, with Synthetics Pro you should also have 13 months of data retention, if you are seeing this is less for some reason let me know

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi @rdouglas ,

Thanks for your inputs. Please find below my responses.

  1. Reg the apdex() function, I am getting error while using as apdex(((custom.Step 3: Student Signon Page + custom.Step 4: Student Signon Page Completion)/1000),t:custom.back2sale_login). Is this correct way of using ?
  2. Yes , I am looking to capture % of script failures at this particular step
  3. I will go through the details shared for building custom app for color coding
  4. I am not able to go beyond 10 days for this dashboard. Can you please check?


The issue there is that you are trying to use an attribute variable for the Apdex t value, this will only accept a number as a value, for example t: 7.

Ok so what you would have to do is write logic at that particular step to catch any errors that are generated from it and send them as a separate Custom Attribute. Because the logging and steps you specify are custom we wouldn’t capture them out-of-the-box.

I’m not able to reproduce your issue with going back further than 10 days, if you look at this timeseries chart you can see the data going back further, so if you could provide extra detail around this that would be great :slight_smile:


hi @rdouglas I am able to view the graph but the query in the dashboard is not returning the data beyond 10 days. Please let me know if I am missing anything.


Hi @VithalKumar.Akunuri1, would you let me know the name of the chart that’s not going back more than 10 days?

I’m wondering, though, if it’s the charts that have the … – Date suffix. Those are faceted queries, meaning they’re only going to display up to 10 facets (in this case, 10 dates) by default. To see more data, you can add a LIMIT statement to the query in order to increase the number of facets/dates displayed.

You can find more information here:

Let me know if that helps!


thanks @jeffrey_s this helped and solved my problem


So great to hear this is sorted for you now! Do let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.