Custom Visualization - Platform State for Filters

When building custom visualizations I want my visualizations to be able to be filtered at the dashboard level similar to the built in visualizations. So if you have a facet that has filtering capabilities or you use the filtering function at the top of the dashboard it should effect the custom visualization.

In the Platform API’s you have a PlatformStateContext (PlatformStateContext | New Relic Developers). This provides the time range adjustments made to the dashboard, but doesn’t have any properties on it for filtering. How do you get the filtering information so your custom visualization can be updated similar to how we can update based on time changes?

Did you find any solution for this??

Nope, haven’t found anything. I’ve been trying to get some resources at NR to look at this and respond but haven’t been very successful on that end yet either.

@mark.studer and @dalvarez2 Sorry to hear you are still looking for a solution to this. Have either of you opened an issue regarding this question? Here is the link the the developer site where you can do that: Issues · newrelic/developer-website · GitHub

Let us know if you have other questions our support team can help you with. Thank you :slight_smile:

Nope, I wasn’t aware there was another place to submit bugs or feature requests. I have gone ahead and created it here:


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Just closing the loop here. Have replied to the issue on GitHub and provided a code example from an existing visualization I’ve developed. Hope this helps.

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