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Customer Dashboard: Sub-Account Summary



Sub-Account Integration Summary

Challenge When you have 170+ sub-accounts that are tied to the operational metadata for the things that you are monitoring AND you use that metadata to filter the Cloud Integrations, well that’s a lot of data to keep track across our accounts. Because we work on a DevOps/SRE model with New Relic (we “own” the platform, provide consulting services to teams and help establish best practices, etc, but they own the day-to-day stuff), we wanted to give them a way to quickly ensure that their data was reflective of what they thought they should be collecting.

Solution A Sub-Account Summary is a quick snapshot of what data is being collected through agents, Cloud Provider integrations, and the freshness of that data. As an added feature, we also track the failures to collect data due to throttling. While this isn’t a problem for smaller shops, when you have hundreds of sub-accounts and thousands of users hitting APIs, etc. it because a real concern.

Working clockwise, starting with the top-left table, these are the queries. They make use of the IntegrationDataFreshnessReport data – which is my favorite data set after NrDailyUsage :heart:

SELECT max(timestamp) FROM IntegrationDataFreshnessReport FACET providerAccountName, dataType, awsRegion SINCE 15 minutes ago

SELECT uniquecount(ec2InstanceId) FROM ComputeSample SINCE 15 minutes AGO
Note that this query is specific for EC2 instances. If you have GCP instances, it will be slightly different.

SELECT SUM(requestCount), sum(retryCount), sum(throttleException) FROM IntegrationProviderReport FACET providerAccountName, awsRegion, awsServiceName SINCE 1 day ago

SELECT uniquecount(hostname) FROM ComputeSample FACET operatingSystem SINCE 15 minutes ago