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Daemon not starting


Unable to start new relic daemon it shows error:

root@:/# /etc/init.d/newrelic-daemon status
New Relic Daemon: newrelic-daemon is not running

root@/# /etc/init.d/newrelic-daemon start
Starting New Relic Daemon: newrelic-daemoninvalid configuration: config: syntax error, expected keyword or comment, got ‘/’

Someone please help how to fix this issue.


Hi @karthik.krishnamoort! I am happy to try and help troubleshoot this issue with you! Thanks for including your error.

Can you let me know which New Relic language agent you are using?


Thank you Linds!

Actually, I’m not familiar with new relic. Am a support engineer works in hosting industry. One of the customer of us installed new relic for his VM. The daemon stopped working after the SSL install.

Can you help me with it?


Hi, @karthik.krishnamoort: The error message mentions a config syntax error. Can you request the customer’s newrelic.ini file? You might also have them compare their config file with the template located at /usr/lib/newrelic-php5/scripts/newrelic.ini.template.