Dashboard for Basic Users (Instant Observability)

The new user model of New Relic has three user types, Full platform, Core, and Basic user. The big difference among these users are Core and Basic user don’t have the curated dashboards like Full platform user. The dashboard name is basic dashboard. It’s not only for basic/core users, but for full platform users because it shows entire system view such as Infra, APM, browser, mobile, NPM, alert, and usage. This dashboard creates a few dashboards which have some same plots as Full platform user’s view. The purpose of this is being on the same page among all NR users. You can import this dashboard easily with Instant Observability.




Also, Browser, Mobile, NPM, Synthetics, Alerts & AI, and usage are the same as above.

How to import this dashboard?

  1. one.newrelic.com > Click Add data
  2. Click Dashboards tab and search basic dashboard and click it.

(This post is the updated version of APM Dashboards for Basic Users)