Dashboard Generator Nerdpack

New Relic Dashboard Generator

Do you need to deploy a large number of dashboards to a large number of accounts?
Want to make that process simpler?
Check out this Nerdpack to instantly deploy the included dashboards to any account you have an Admin API key for.


  1. Admin API key.

Dashboards included:

You can see in the below screenshot all dashboards included here. Note that each of these dashboards utilise default data - there are no custom attributes or events at play here.

Should you wish to deploy this Nerdpack to your account, and use your own custom dashboards, you can do so by adding your custom Dashboard JSON to the file: nr1-Dashboard-Generator/nerdlets/dashboard-generator-nerdlet/data/post.json

Simply add in your Admin API key, and hit Create Dashboard - and you’ll see that dashboard appear in the account that your API key is tied to.

Clone This Nerdpack

Clone this repository and run the following scripts:

nr1 nerdpack:clone -r https://github.com/darse123/nr1-Dashboard-Generator.git
cd nr1-Dashboard-Generator
nr1 nerdpack:uuid -gf
npm install
npm start

Visit https://one.newrelic.com/?nerdpacks=local, navigate to the Nerdpack, and :sparkles:

The full Dashboard Generator repository and ReadMe can be found here.

Please feel free to add PRs / Comments in Github if you would like to see additional resources added.

Happy Nerd-ing! :nerd_face:


Tried to make it work, but keep getting “Are you missing the Admin API Key?” message. However, the Admin API key is inserted correctly and event the “Date last used” of the key is updated every time we hit the “Create Dashboard” button.

Ran it locally only, without deploying. Could this be the reason?

@protosecurity - I just spun this up locally too and it worked just fine for me. The API key you’ll need is going to be somewhat different to the API key you use to set up your NR1-CLI Profile.

You can get your Admin API key here (just swap in your Account ID)


Yes, this is the page we took the api key from.

Can you share a screenshot of the error you are getting?

And, if possible, DM me the key you are using? I can’t see full API keys in a customer account, but I can see a snippet to validate that it is at least from the correct location.

The key is in the format:

Hmm - Interesting - can you share a link to the account you’re running on? I want to check to see what API Keys are available there so we can ensure there are none clashing and we have the right one here.

The account ID where the Admin API key is generated is 2458529. Thanks.

Ok that API key looks fine - my next avenue to check is that your profile is set correctly.

I notice that your account is based in the EU Datacenter. In order to validate that the profile is ok, could you remove that profile and recreate it?

you can run:

  1. nr1 profiles:list =>To show your current available profiles,

  2. nr1 profiles:remove --profile=name => To remove the appropriate profile - name here is your account slug.

  3. nr1 profiles:add --name {account-slug} --api-key {api-key} --region {us|eu} => To recreate the new profile.

Ensure that for that last command you are utilising the eu region identifier.

Following that, please do try again.

Actually @protosecurity - I just realised what the issue is here - not with profiles or your api keys, so I’m sorry for taking you down that troubleshooting path.

I took a look at the code for this Nerdpack and noticed that it itself is not region aware. So it is always going to try POST dashboards to the US datacenter API URL.

if you navigate into the table.js file of that nerdpack, you can update the URL on your local copy to api.eu.newrelic.com rather than api.newrelic.com

I’ll work with @ddoyle - who wrote this nerdpack to introduce a region selection option that will take away this manual task.

This helped, now it works! Thank you so much.

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I’ve submitted a pull request with a region checkbox for simplicity of switching between where your account is based. Will let Darren merge and update when he reviews it.


Thank you @acuffe for your PR, I have merged and updated :grinning:

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