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Definitions of all the metrics in the Insights


Hi Team,

I am new to this tool and for the application performance monitoring. I would like to know where i can find the documentation for all the metrics shows up in the INFRASTRUCTURE such as CPU % , Disk % , CPU % of process, Total utilization %, etc so that i can have those metrics in the insight dashboards.



Hi, @ramesh.ravichandran: You may find details on all standard attribute types in the product documentation.


Thanks Phil. that’s really helpful :smile:


Just some friendly advise. Be cautious to understand each of the metrics and what they provide. Many users at my company created metrics based on CPU and did not understand CPU is an aggregation of several items and dose not truly represent the actual CPU measurement. The way that I communicate with team I work with is this:

Insights should be used to show trending over time because sampling is not 100%. Troubleshooting should be done using APM.


Hi, @reopelle.scott: Ramesh specifically asked about Infrastructure data. Has it been your experience that Infrastructure does not show actual CPU usage? It is my understanding that the data comes directly from the underlying operating system. You (and Ramesh) may find this post helpful:


Thanks Phil. My idea is to create some dashboards in Insight and utilizing the charts provided in the infrastructure. This will help me to show how the Tableau server installed on the 7 hosts (which are AWS instance) performs and create some alerts to notify the group in case of any slowness on the server.


FYI, if you like a particular chart in Infrastructure and you want to see the NRQL query used to create it, you can click the ellipsis menu in the upper-right corner and select View query:



Thanks much for the info. I have already played around with that :slight_smile: