Deobfuscation issues on Android with ProGuard

I’m using Agent 5.21.1 on Android with ProGuard.

Please describe what you are seeing:

Our crashes show up obfuscated, without the mapping.txt applied.

I download the mapping.txt from my CI service and upload it using

curl -v -F upload=@“mapping-5.47.txt” -H "X-APP-LICENSE-KEY: "

and it seems to succeed with a HTTP 201 Created.

Then I wait awhile and click “click here to deobfuscate your crash occurrence” and it says " This occurrence was only partially deobfuscated. It looks like you are missing one or more mapping files for this build. To make your data more useful, upload a mapping file."

How does that differ from what were you expecting to see?

I’d expect them all to be deobfuscated.



Happy to help! I looked at the crash you linked, and I believe the reason it’s still obfuscated is due to a ‘missing’ mapping.txt file. Our system matches map files to builds using a generated NR BuildId that appends to the last line of the build log. If the correct map file is uploaded, but the NR BuildId isn’t there, we can’t make the match to de-obfuscate.

Is the NR BuildId in the mapping.txt file? The App Image UUID listed in crash attributes in the dashboard should match the NR BuildId in the map file.

If this ID is missing, it could be due to Proguard configurations, so that’s a good first place to look. There is a great blog post by one of our support engineers outlining some troubleshooting steps for this process, found here: Relic Solution: Why is my crash obfuscated in New Relic dashboard? (Android)

I hope you find this helpful! Please let us know if you have any questions or require further troubleshooting.


Hi, that didn’t fix it (the last line was missing), so I added it, and it still didn’t work, then I noticed in the support doc for Deobfuscation issues that you can’t rename that mapping.txt file. (I rename it to put the version number in it.) I renamed it back to mapping.txt and re-uploaded it and it worked.

Thank you!

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Thanks for coming back to confirm your fix @GeneralPF :smiley: