Deploy preinstalled New Relic with Linux image


I am building Ubuntu 20.04 ISO image with preinstalled new relic and will install it on multiple computers. I understand that all computers will get the same host name. Is there other caveats?


I have tested ISO install on few computers and It seems that they are being reported with the same entity id, guid and making it hard to distinguish.

What’s recommended approach to solve this problem?

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You bring up a great question about automation.
In terms of recommended practices, New Relic would steer you towards configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, or Ansible.

(And New Relic provides sample code for each of those.)

But let’s say you have everything installed and now want to clean up your config after the fact.

You can override/re-write variables in the New Relic infrastructure config, which are documented here.

For a general overview of how the New Relic Infrastructure Agent configuration works, this doc is a great place to start: