Didn't get notification about failures of monitor

Hi !

We have synthetic monitor with alert condition to send notification to Slack in case of any monitor failures for any location. We had a couple failures like -7 NetworkError: Connect to (HOST) [HOST./IP ADDRESS] failed: Connect timed out but didn’t get any notifications to slack.
Could you please help to understand why?


Hello @evgenia.gusakova,

Thank you for reaching out. To better assist you with this issue could you please provide a link to the Synthetic Monitor in question?

In the meantime, you could check the Incident preference setting inside your policy to confirm it’s set appropriately. Additional details on Incident Preferences can be found in the links below:

If the Incident Preferences is set appropriately and an Incident was created, navigating to the Events tab on the Incident in question (see instructions on link below) may shed some light on why a notification wasn’t sent:


Hello @sbetea
Thank you for your reply!
Link to the Synthetic Monitor is https://synthetics.newrelic.com/accounts/477894/monitors/192a35be-0811-4106-b323-14631809603e

I do not see that incidents were created for these failures.
For monitor we have alert policy with Synthetics monitor check failure that as I understand should create the alert in case if monitor fails for any location.

Hi @evgenia.gusakova,

Thanks for including a link to the requested information. I’ve had a chance to look at it and have taken some time to dig into your issue. From what I can see, it does look like an incident should’ve opened when the monitor failed as you noted. Since there’s not a clear solution here, I’m going to go ahead and file a support ticket for you so that we can investigate a bit more.

I’ll go ahead and file that ticket now. If you have any questions in the meantime, please let me know!