Differences between APM and Insights problems for counting number of transactions

I’m observing that there is signficant difference between going through New Relic APM

APM->Transactions->Type “All Transactions”

And using Insights to
SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction since 3 days ago facet appName where appName like '%my list of aps here% 'TIMESERIES

I’m trying to have a high level number of transactions on the top of my dashboard, however feel for larger requests APM lists 300% more requests than Insights.

For example, insights list my number of transactions maxing at 1.2M and flatlining across the top. In contrast APM shows a more cyclical pattern.

I’m looking to always have the query available in all my dashboards so would perfer to use Insights so I could tune things - ie get P99 P95 etc.

Hi, @dmar: There is a limit to the number of transactions Insights will record per minute; if your application generates more than that limit, Insights stores a sample of the transactions. More detail in this post:

If all you need is the number of transactions, you may use the HttpDispatcher - Call Count metric, which is never sampled:

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