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Differences between C SDK and Agentless API




I want to send NewRelic data from Haskell. There isn’t an existing Haskell library (there is one but it’s using the old SDK) so I’ll be writing one myself.

How should I do it? Should I bind to the C SDK or use the Agentless API? I will need to send all the info that existing Ruby agents send: transaction, segments, datastore segments, events, metrics, etc. Does the Agentless API provide all of that? (I can’t find it). Or is it absolutely necessary to use the C SDK?

Or another way to put it: when should one use the Agentless API vs the C SDK?

Thank you!

Edit: I’m also curious to know how the existing agents (Ruby, Go, Node, etc.) communicate with NewRelic. I can’t find C bindings in any of them.