Disable Nerdlet header improvement

Nerdlet disable header functionality makes header shows first and then hide

I am using the nerdlet api to disable the header in a custom nerdlet, but when it loads, the header is visible for two seconds and then hides.

Expected behavior:
Disable the nerdlet header from the beginning, so it never appears the time picker and the tittle.

My code:

componentDidMount() {
    header: false,

Appearance the first seconds when nerdlet opens

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Hi @dpena Sorry its taken awhile for a response. Have you’ve been able to get get the header to remain visible? Also tagging @dgolden to see if this is a known issue with a solution.

Thanks for your reply, I have tried to remove the header since the page loads, but I couldn’t be able to do that successfully. It still shows the header at the beggining, and after a few seconds it completely hides.
I will keep pending for new answers.

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