Disabling metrics in Infrastructure plugin


I tried to disable some metrics in Infrastructure (on EC2 hosts with Debian), but I can’t find a way to do it.

First, I follow settings on https://github.com/newrelic/infrastructure-agent/blob/master/assets/examples/infrastructure/newrelic-infra-template.yml.example and set dpkg_interval_sec to -1. I expected to see a fall in ingested data, but after restarting the agent it doesn’t.

Then I tried, to disable all metrics with theses settings in /var/newrelic-infra.yml

license_key: <licence>
enable_process_metrics: false
disable_all_plugins: true

I expected to see no data ingested, but this doesn’t seem to apply.

The only way I found to reduce the footprint is to disable the agent (just to validate that this agent is responsible for the data sent).

Is there a way to find why my settings are not applied ? Or did I misunderstand their purpose?


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@it1114 Sébastien, I notice you mentioned EC2, what kind of metrics are you trying to stop ingest on? We have the AWS integration as well where we ingest CloudWatch metrics, and those won’t be affected/disabled through the agent plugins I believe but can be disabled in the AWS integration settings.

can you give a little more background on what it is you’re trying to accomplish? If these options are indeed not working I will ahve to investigate further.