Documentation on Open Boards

Any documentation available on “Open Boards” at NewRelic?

Hi there @nagendrakunduri -

I did some investigating, but I can’t seem to find any references to New Relic and Open Boards. Could you please provide some additional detail about what Open Boards is? We’d love to get you pointed in the right direction.

Hello Hross,

Its one of the app available at New Relic App Directory

I am looking for documentation on “Open Boards” & “Sixth Sense” applications.

Hi @nagendrakunduri, after researching this as well, we have no documentation or support for Open board or Sixth sense as these are open source applications. Hopefully someone else on the community has used these before and can assist.

Hi there @nagendrakunduri -

Thanks for sending us that screenshot - it was very helpful. To clarify Neal’s response a bit, I have a couple of points:

  1. Open Boards is a custom app, created by your team. I know that because of the gear icon under the app name that says “Custom.” If it the app is New Relic made, it has a globe icon and says “Public,” like this:

Because Open Board is a custom app, we can’t help you with it - our support team does not have access to see custom apps on your account for privacy and security reasons. You’ll want to track down the owner of that app. Once you load and launch the app, you’ll see a details option in the upper right hand part of the screen that should help you.

  1. The Sixth Sense app is pretty new - so sorry for the confusion around that. You can find more details on that in our documentation:

Let me know if you need more help!

Hi @nagendrakunduri,

Open Boards is classified as an ‘experimental application’ meaning it doesn’t have support, however there is some very limited documentation available on its github page here: