Does New Relic APM track multiple virtual sub-apps which are under single website on IIS by default?

We have multiple virtual sub-apps under single IIS website.
Does new relic track the sub-app data also by default via APM tracking or do we have to instrument the sub-app exclusively ?
I understand how to instrument sub-apps from this Configuration for a single azure website with multiple virtual applications


The agent functions by loading directly into the process of the application it is monitoring. It does not have any built in functionality around sub-apps.

To check if the agent is monitoring a particular process, you should check for the current process ID (PID) of that process and then check the agent’s log folder for a file that contains that process ID (NewRelic.Profiler.[PID].log).

Can you check to see if the agent is creating logs for your process?



Hello Don,

Thanks for the response.

Yes, i am able to see that the agent creates logs for our process.
I can see the website listed on NewRelic but it only lists/monitors the main website but not the sub-app (although NewRelic app name is added in web.config of sub-app)

I am OK if new Relic does not support monitoring Sub-Apps out of the box but want to make sure that the traffic is monitored under main website.

Here is our setup.

-> website1 ->subapp

subapp is like a virtual application under website1.

NewRelic app name tags are present in both Websites and subapp. But on the NewRelic portal only website1 and website2 are listed/monitored.

will the traffic to the subapp be monitored under website1 in New Relic ?

@aparamkusam -

Does your setup look something like this in IIS Manager:

If so then you should be able to monitor those as separate apps by setting the app names in the respective web configs.

That worked for me. I was even using the same application pool for each application.

Did you perform an iisreset after set the names in web config? And what do your web config entries look like. They should be similar to:

    <add key="NewRelic.AppName" value="RootApplication"/>

Maybe you could provide a similar visual showing how things are laid out.




Here is the image. The subApp is a static app and is actually not converted as a virtual app. I have already made the config changes with New Relic app name tag.

I am assuming that New Relic is not listing it as a separate App because it is not converted as a subApp.

In this case, all the transactions relating to the subapp is tracked under the main website by NewRelic, is this statement true ?

@aparamkusam -

Thanks for the diagram!

You are correct.

Given the image you show, transactions relating to the “sub app” will be tracked under the main website.