Does New Relic collect Kinesis Video Stream metrics as part of the integration?

I’m trying to find out if Kinesis Video Stream metrics are collected as part of the New Relic/AWS integration. I don’t see it listed as one of the integrations using the old API Polling method, unless the metrics would be part of the “Kinesis Streams” integration which I don’t think it is based off your documentation. I also looked at the new Metrics Stream Integration method but I don’t see Kinesis listed as one of the supported services/namespaces. I know KVS can be monitored with CloudWatch, it’s just not clear to me whether or not these metrics can also be made available in New Relic like other AWS Services. I’m hoping someone here might be able to provide some insight or clarification into this for me.

@timothybryant3 If the metrics are available in CloudWatch then they should be available in AWS metric streams and anything available in AWS Metric Streams can be integrated with New Relic with the Metrics Stream Integration you mentioned above.

I can see that Kinesis Video Stream metrics are available on CloudWatch so in theory it should definitely work.

The data can be queried like any other Metric Stream metrics in New Relic query builder and you will also be able to create Dashboards from the queries so you can monitor KVS in NR.

Hopefully that clarifies things!