Downloaded file needs to send via email

Hi Team,
Step 1: I want to navigate to an application URL.
Step 2: Then I need to search one ID and click on search button.
Step 3: Then I need to click on Download button to download a search results file

Till above steps I have created a script .Please help me for below step.

Step 4: Once the file gets downloaded, downloaded file needs to send to one email id.

How to implement above step?

There are some samples here:

Maybe have a look at the one that saves screen shots to s3 to see how it’s working with the file system and then look at the one that does email.

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Hi @6MM ,
Actually what I need is script should download the file and need to sent to my mail id.

Did you happen to follow the link I provided above?

In the first post you detailed what you wanted to do. I provided some references to code that gets you pretty close in scripting that.

Is it that you don’t have the ability to code that up for your application and are asking for help to actually make the script for you?

Hi @6MM ,
Through step monitor i can able to download the file by clicking the button.Up to this I can able to do.But once the file downloaded I need to send the same via mail also at the same time.
But for sending mail,I need to do use Api type and for step monitor i need to do Scripted Browser right?How to do both things in a single monitor itself?.Please help me on this.

It can all be done in a scripted monitor.