Drop/Filter Processes Data from Unix-Based NR Agent


We are using NR Agent to send Unix processes data to New Relic and view that data on the portal.

Process data accounts for 50% of our monthly cost, while a very small number of people actually use it.

Is there a way to filter/drop process data before it hits the portal to save on infrastructure costs?

We tried using NR Infrastructure Agent to filter by top CPU/Mem usage, but it only supports process.name and .exe as filters for process logs.

What would be our best option in this case?

Thank you and have a great day!

Hi, @nvengineering: You may set enable_process_metrics to false in the Infrastructure agent configuration file to disable the collection of process metrics. You must restart the agent after making configuration changes.

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Thank you for your response @philweber !

We still would like to collect data on metrics (top 10 or so processes by CPU and Memory) just in case there is an anomaly in processes which we want to address.

Is there a way to filter to top x-amount of results by CPU and Memory metrics before sending them to NR? If we can drop anything on ingest to only have top results stored, that would work too.

Thank you again!

It looks like you have already found the include_matching_metrics configuration setting. That is the only method I know of to filter process data.

Is there a way we can contact support and engineers directly?

We’ve been looking around support links and community responses and can’t seem to find a good way to contact them directly.

From our research,
Data can be dropped before hitting the NR Database.
That can be accomplished using Drop Filters.
Drop filters (from documentation) can only be created for the "Logs" category.
There is no documentation on how to apply drop filters to Process metrics.
For example:
We want to drop something like:

SELECT processDisplayName, hostname FROM ProcessSample WHERE cpuSystemPercent > 0.1

How do we apply that drop filter to NR?

The only documented way of doing so is through Logs, which only applies to logs, not processes.

That is all correct. It is not possible to apply drop filters to process metrics. The only available options for excluding process metrics are documented here: Infrastructure agent configuration settings | New Relic Documentation.

If you have a Pro or Enterprise account, you may open a support ticket at https://support.newrelic.com/. Otherwise, support is offered through this forum.

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Hi, @nvengineering: While answering another question, I came across this document: Drop data using NerdGraph | New Relic Documentation. Apparently it is possible to drop process data based on an NRQL query. I apologize for my earlier incorrect response.