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Dynamics 365 Integration



Hello All,

Is there any API integration available between New Relic and Dynamics 365?

If not, How can I monitor my Dynamics 365 Application?



Hi @Logee.Vaghela - I have documented a method to browser monitor Microsoft Dynamics in the posts below but nothing between any API’s connecting to Dynamics.


Hello Stefan,

Many thanks for quick response.

What you mean by browser monitor? Does that mean we can’t access MS Dynamics 365 application data into New Relic?

Through browser monitor, can we track all performance key metrics like, throughput, apdex, external dependencies, database monitoring and server monitoring?



You will be able to monitor the Browser information as though you had applied the copy and paste method. You will be able to monitor page loads, page speed, page apdex and some other metrics. It will not perform full APM metrics.

To get full APM metrics you would have to run Dynamics on premise, not as SAAS.


I see, in that case I have few other questions related to this:

  1. I believe New Relic can’t support Out of Box features of Dynamics 365.

Is there any way to write custom code to monitor that?

  1. If we made plugin for Dynamics 365, will New Relic be able to monitor that?

  2. Does New Relic Supports configuration of Dynamics 365?


  1. Correct, there is no OOB New Relic monitoring for Dynamics CRM
  2. You could try implementing .Net custom instrumentation
  3. I will let New Relic staff answer that


Hi @Logee.Vaghela! We can’t directly support any and all configurations of Dynamics 365, but you are always welcome to utilize the community for questions or concerns you may have moving forward. :blush: We definitely want to make sure you have success!