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End-Of-Life 3.9.6


hi, and sorry for bad english.
it is about EOL of v3.9.6.
we’ve hier an very old application:

  • Rails 3.0.4,
  • Ruby: ruby-1.9.3-p484-railsexpress,
  • newrelic_rpm (gem):
    a/ can somebody pls tell me, to which version should/could i upgrade the newrelic_rpm gem,
    without any risk of the runnability our application?
    b/ or should I much rather switch off the functionality in the config/newrelic.yml file to avoid any accident from 2019-07-30
    (nowadays I can temporarly get rid off reports that i get weekly)
    thx in advance
    mihaly gyapjas


Hi @dailydeal,

No problem whatsoever! To answer your questions, the earliest version of the Ruby agent that will be supported after this change is 3.9.6, so if you are using, you will be using an unsupported version. You can find more information about this upcoming change by visiting the following link:

IMPORTANT: Upcoming Changes To Supported Agent Versions

One thing to note is that any agent reporting with a version prior to 3.9.6 will be unable to connect to your application in APM whether or not the configuration file is turned off, so we would highly recommend upgrading to 3.9.6 as soon as you are able to without issue.