Error activating New Relic CodeStream plugin in Linux JetBrains Clion IDE

Have installed New Relic Corestream plugin on JetBrains Clion IDE running
on linux.

Can’t activate it!

The plugin asks you to login. I have a new account with newrelic. I can login on the web.
But I cannot login using the plugin. Says my credentials are invalid.

Need help.

Please advise.

Fred Bartholomai

Hello @fred.bartholomai. Welcome to the Explorers Hub!

Thank you for reaching out, I am sorry you are having troubles. Can you please review this doc and verify that you have followed the process?

Please reach out if you are still having trouble or have further questions. We will be more than happy to help.

Thanks. I have been following that guide .

I have installed the plugin directly in the Jetbrains Clion IDE.
But I didn’t get very far. It asked me to login, but it keeps
rejecting my login credentials.

Whereas I can login to the newrelic website login with the same

So, I am stuck right at the very beginning of the process.
At one point it said to enter a six digit code from newrelic. But, I never got the code from
newrelic - I have tried several times.

Very frustrated. Not sure why the hangups just getting this plugin connected.

Hi @fred.bartholomai

Can you share a screenshot of this request for a 6 digit code to be entered. As I am unsure if New Relic requests codes in this manner.